All Kenyans should be banned from visiting all developed nations.

All Kenyans should be banned from visiting all developed nations. This may sound crazy but extreme situations require extreme measures. At the moment Kenya is at its worst extreme. I don’t blame Gi…

Source: All Kenyans should be banned from visiting all developed nations.


All Kenyans should be banned from visiting all developed nations.

All Kenyans should be banned from visiting all developed nations.

This may sound crazy but extreme situations require extreme measures. At the moment Kenya is at its worst extreme. I don’t blame Githongo when he says we have the most corrupt government ever in power – the only thing keeping the economy better placed than it was in the late 90s is the better private sector that is being hit bad anyway, look at the companies that are closing and laying off workers.

Back to my point – all Kenyans should be banned from entering developed nations. This has nothing to do with hating those in diaspora but safeguarding anyone who hopes of making anything out of the Kenyan economy.

All those bench marking trips by our politicians should be banned.

All Kenyans should be treated in Kenya like Caroline Mutoko suggests.

All our money should be in Kenyan banks.

Donald Trump should win the American election and regulate whoever wishes to go to the US – then Germany, UK, Australia and all those rich countries should get a Donald Trump for president.

Developed nations should stop giving out loans and aid and instead provide a fair market for Africa.

Why do I say this?

See, all the African has a very crazy way of looking at things. During the Meiji period in Japan for instance, Japan sent thousands of students to Europe and America to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and made them come back and implement it in Japan. They also hired European and Americans to come teach them the same. Currently both Europe and America imports technology from Japan. Now that’s bench marking. Enter Africa – our bench marking involves sending politicians – illiterate politicians – to go see how it’s done in the developed nations. We send Form Four leavers who bought a degree in Swimming Pool Management from KU to go to South Korea to learn about Nuclear Science and Nuclear energy yet we have an idling Nuclear Science department at the University of Nairobi. At best, we send politicians with a degree in Gender Studies to Singapore to learn about city planning and Wastewater Management while we have thousands of jobless engineers back home. What we end up with is a group of pigs coming back with great ideas of how to get money to go visit those amazing places in Singapore and South Korea. Motions of new reasons for borrowing more money from the west suddenly start flooding the Parliament and a few months later we are told of how an innocent someone opened twenty companies with no employee and won tenders worth 1.67 billion shillings.

If only our people were banned from visiting richer countries, these idiots would rather focus on making a developed nation back home instead of struggling to steal money to go enjoy it elsewhere.

Nobody would steel funds needed to improve our academic institutions if they knew those are the same institutions they should send their kids to.

Nobody would steal money meant to improve our hospitals if those hospitals were the only ones available to them.

Nobody would steal money meant to improve our roads if those were the only roads they were allowed to drive on.

All Kenyans should be banned from visiting rich countries so that we can focus on making our own country rich.


Types of Kenyan Women a Man Comes Across in His Dating Life


So much has been written about the quality of men available in the streets of Nairobi and what our fairer half of our species go through dating these kind of men. Unfortunately men seem to not be so vocal about what they go through and how they should actually want the dating scene to be like. The available woman in Nairobi is however peculiar. You meet similar traits over and over that you can’t help but notice what kind of woman you’re dealing with a few minutes into the conversation. Here are the types of women available in the Kenyan dating scene.

The Every Man’s Dream Woman.

A rare species actually. This is the woman every man dreams of. She is independent, well learned, eloquent, ambitious and gorgeous yet still humble with well refined mannerisms. This woman exudes class – yet unlike your regular ‘classy lady’, she doesn’t demand a man to pay for it. It is real class, not borrowed class. This is the woman that deserves the kind of men these new age female bloggers keep on demanding. Interestingly this woman doesn’t go around vocalizing her worth and bemoaning of the deplorable quality of men around since she doesn’t endure those ‘deplorable men’. You see, when you’re genuinely high class, the low class men would shy approaching you and even when they do they put themselves at their best and don’t end up making you hate the male species if you end up not liking them. This woman probably runs her own start-up and drives a car she bought herself and would probably turn down a man who approaches her with intends of ‘sponsoring’ her. Like I said before, this is a very rare species and men who happen to stumble upon one are advised to cling on like their lives depended on it.

The Little Princess

This woman believes she is God’s most awesome creation. This is the lady who could keep you waiting for hours for a date but dare you stand her up for a minute you’d meet real hell before afterlife. She pretends she doesn’t care and is not really into you as a strategy to make you ‘realize’ her worth. You’ll ask her out and she’ll say ‘I’ll let you know’ and you won’t hear from her unless you follow up. She’s selfish and bitchy. She doesn’t text you if you don’t text her. She’ll turn down guys for very petty reasons such as him not agreeing with her that Beyoncé is the greatest musician ever.  She’ll demand you pick her from her doorstep or send her a cab if you ever dream of taking her out. Mind you she might also refuse to come out of the house even after you arrive at her doorstep to pick her up. This kind of woman will wrong you but expect you to apologies for not ‘understanding’ after she gave you a very petty reason. She will stand you up on a date and refuse to pick your calls then text you the next day with some silly excuse like ‘I’m sorry, my friends came over just as I was about to come’ rarely in good grammar though. She then expects you to respond to her affirming that it is okay and you’d actually visit her at her place later in the day delivering the present you promised her before. If you project any form of annoyance then you’ll have to go through another cycle of apologizing and seducing her to set things right again. For some weird reason, most little princesses walk around with a less beautiful girl who acts as their errand girl and most probably their ego-boosting punch bag. This woman is most of the time a young woman in her early to mid-twenties but it could never get worse when a whole 30 or late twenties woman decides to fall in this category. It could also be understandable when a super gorgeous woman behaves this way since having everything her way could distort her thinking in her earlier formative years but one wonders what makes some plain Janes walk around making demands as if they are little princesses.

The little Princesses reign comes to an automatic end as she ages. People stop paying attention to her. Due to her shallow nature, men will only love her for a beauty hence as the beauty fades she lapses into a useless body bag. He demands are no longer adhered to. Men start avoiding her like plague and she’ll ends up a bitter man-hating feminist or be sculptured into a humble woman changed by life.

The Selfish Bitch

This woman is what she is – just selfish. She wants everything yet puts in nothing. This woman complains about things you don’t do for yet never does anything for you nor mention anything you do for her. Worse still, she never appreciates a thing done for her – it is her right she says. You buy her something – it’s because she deserves it. She thus overlooks it and focusses on what you didn’t buy her. She spots all your shortcomings and believes she doesn’t have any. Unfortunately this kind of woman spans all through the ages. Some do change though.

The Standards Girl

This woman takes the whole idea of ‘mwanamke ni standards’ to a whole absurd level. This kind of lady is frustrated though. You see, standards go both ways – you get what you give. Same way the quality of whatever product you wish to acquire is highly dependent on the amount of money you can afford to part with. You can’t demand a romantic hunk who’s rich, classy and still humble enough to help you with house work when the only thing you bring to the table is your beauty. Worse still, in the case of Kenya at least, some of these standards women don’t even bring the beauty to the table. This woman will complain about the quality of men available. She will quote Western Movie stars as the standard of men elsewhere and compare them to the pathetic lot Kenya provides. The quote ‘We no longer have good enough men to date’ is ubiquitous on her lips. Men who really deserve her keep on approaching her but she turns them down because she believes they are not good enough. She claims she’s keeping herself for the best and she can’t lower her standards for a man. Most of the time this kind of a woman is an egotistical woman. After many years single, she’ll start blaming her failure to get a man on the notion that she is too successful and she intimidates men. What this woman fails to realize is that the quality of men she attracts tend to fall with time. You see, unlike men, women hit their desirability climax at an earlier age – most of the time it’s somewhere in the mid-twenties. After that, she gets less and less attention more from lower quality men compared to her maxima period. This kind of woman sooner wakes up to reality or just like the princes ends up a bitter single woman holding grudges against all men alive.

The White-Man Hunter

The trend goes in Nairobi where every woman thinks Kenyan men are the worst and anything foreign is God’s gift to her. Some bloggers have tirelessly loaded themselves with the burden of proving to the world that Kenyan men are the worst. Articles have been written how romance and Kenyan men are like oil and water. The Soap Operas and Western Movies we’ve been fed to don’t make it any better. The unachievable levels of romance shown in the media is to them the reality outside Kenya. You can’t blame them though – psychologist Chris Hart once argued that it is normal for women to prefer men of foreign descent to their own the world over. No wonder it is easier to get laid in a foreign land than in your very own village/neighborhood. This said though Kenyan women seem to be blessed with the foreign loving trait in excess. The white man is normally the favorite – some men of West African and Central African countries have in the recent past become a new favorite too. Lord have mercy on you if any white man shows the slightest interest in your Nairobi girl.

There seems to be the more special case White Guy Hunter in Nairobi though. This lady swore by the graves of all her great grandmothers that she would never date a black man. Ignore the fact that she has never had a one on one conversation with a white man before. She probably can’t name any European countries other than England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. She might not even decipher meanings from conversations with heavily accented white people. Forget that – immediately this little girl left her rural home after completing KCSE to come to Nairobi ‘for opportunities’, her main goal has been to date a white man. Her life thus has come to a standstill because of that. She saves a big chunk of her meagre earnings to afford some coffee at joints frequented by white people. She makes fake posts in the ‘missed connections’ section of craigslist claiming to have met some imaginary white guy who she didn’t get to converse with in the hopes some unsuspecting white man would respond. She looks down at us her black brothers. She believes we are ugly, broke and unromantic.

The fate of this girl is most of the time sad. She either ends up single and frustrated or in a very abusive relationship. You see, Kenya is a majority black country and the probability of coming across a single honest white man is very low. This kind of woman might reach 30 before dating anyone since she’s waiting for the near impossible. The day a white man shows a slight interest in her, she’ll be all over him. She’ll ignore even the most obvious shortcomings. He might look like an amalgamation of Mick Jagger and Andrea Dworkin but she’ll see him as ‘hot’. He could be abusive and anything repulsive but what can she do when she finally finds what she’d been looking for the past 15 years? No wonder there are many cases of our women being subjected to complete inhumanity at the hands of some white men.

The Token Girl

This girl will seem very cool when you meet her. She sounds humble easygoing and has no attitude. She’ll easily give you her phone number. You’ll ask her out and she’ll say ‘I’ll let you know’. This lady has mastered the psychology of men. She understands that when a man decides to chase, he chases. This girl will give you hope that one day she’ll be all yours when she has completely no intentions of being with you. She’ll tell you how patience pays in this game and how she doesn’t like rushing things. This lady will however ask for little financial favors from you from time to time. Since a man is trying to create an impression, he wouldn’t mind sending her 500 or 1000 or even 10,000 shillings or more (of course depending on his social status) occasionally whenever she encounters ‘a little problem’ and ‘promises to repay’. The poor man doesn’t realize that the text he received has been sent to almost 50 other guys asking for the same. Some token girls fund a larger than large lifestyle all from tiny tokens from different men. Don’t mind some of these ladies would not even recognize some of the men who they ask for tokens in the street but they do it anyway. I know of token girls who keep special phones with a contact lists counting into thousands full of unsuspecting token guys. As with many other opportunistic ladies, the token girl’s success fades with age. As she grows older and less beautiful, the number of men willing to chase her despite her silly games reduces and finally comes to zero. She thus realizes she’s been living in a bubble and starts picking up her life.

The Dinner-Dates Girl

The dinner girl is somehow similar to the token girl but only less ambitious. This lady will keep your number and keep you hoping you stand a chance with her. She’ll then surprise you someday that ‘she’s free for a date’ and you will scamper all over getting ready for the big day finally. You’ll arrange an amazing date at a place of her choice hoping to create a good impression to a lady who’s only using you for dinner. To these ladies, every lunch is an amazing dinner date.  They don’t spend money when they want to go out. They don’t spend money on lunch when they are in town. They simply have to go through their phone books and call any of the guys who’ve been asking them out for ages and call one. If one call is negative, they go to the next until they get that willing guy. Their fate is similar to the token girl.

The Sponsor Hunter

This one is a lost case. Her role models are the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe. Her favorite quote is ‘you call ladies gold-diggers yet you are not even the target market’ – forget the fact that this woman is most of the time not even the target market for the real gold mines she goes around insulting young struggling men as broke wannabes who can never have her. Like the white man hunter she spends a big chunk of her meagre income eating out at expensive places hoping to bag her own sponsor. Her life revolves around trying to look good. In several cases she ends up trying pathetic stunts like posing nude and making twerk videos and posting them online to attract attention to her. What they need to realize is that it’s not all glossy at the sponsorship world as they are made to believe. There is one sponsor hunter who after making a small appearance on a dating show on TV went on to post nudes and twerk videos online and within a few months she was posting photos of expensive cars and holidays in Dubai on her social media. Just as she had just become a role model to less successful sponsor hunters her social media went dormant. It was only a year later that we heard she had been arrested trafficking drugs in Kumasi, Ghana and was serving a jail sentence. It is plain stupid to think a man would work off his ass for decades only to waste the money splashing it all on you just to have access to something he can get for free elsewhere.

Male Feminists: Stop being pathetic


Male feminists are maybe the most pathetic lot of people this world has ever seen.

Male feminists are always trying to prove they’re ‘different’ to feminists. Whenever some radical feminist writes up a long rant of unprintables against the masculine gender, they’ll all be like, ‘Not all men are like that’. A radical feminist writes blatantly misandrist article and the male feminist makes himself the men’s spokesperson apologizing for all men out there who have been completely disrespected by this woman and he, as usual, would excuse himself out with the usual ‘not all men are like that’.

The most interesting thing is that these men are never welcome into the feminist lobby group. Of late, the feminists have launched an anti-not-all-men-are-like-that campaign……………that the not-all-men-are-like-that people are creating excuses for the ‘bullshit that men take women through’. It is sad. I don’t see why a full grown up person would be crying for the attention of someone who clearly despises them like that.

These men argue that men have been socialized to ‘act tough’ and ‘never cry’ and that’s the reason they supposedly have fragile egos. They will respond to blatantly misandrist articles written by a radical feminist by accusing the men commenting in protest as being butt hurt because the feminist ‘said the truth’ and their fragile egos can’t tackle the truth. They are willing to be a doormat for any feminist as long as it secures them a single positive comment form a woman.

You see, Men aren’t a product of being taught or socialized. We’re men. The way nature made us. And many people are scared of that. No one taught me to be violent growing up, or to hold in my emotion. No one told me that I am superior to women (quite the opposite actually – they told me that women were better than men).  The notion that men don’t cry because the society forces them not to even when they want to is ridiculous. At some point in my life I almost believed that bullshit – I looked back into my life and couldn’t remember the last time I cried. Then some feminist argued to me that I am probably forcing myself not to cry and that’s one reason women live longer (because they let their emotions out supposedly). I almost believed her until the day my brother died – I cried so uncontrollably a number of people had to literally hold me down and comfort me. That’s the day I realized that I just didn’t cry often because I never went through things that were painful enough to make me cry and it has nothing to do with the society. It’s just biological – on average men tend to have a higher threshold of pain that can make them cry than women.

The world isn’t dominated by men, but it certainly is driven by men and our ambitions – and not at the cost of women, but in order to protect them, make their lives easier, and attract them as mates. I guess while we were dominating women we decided that we’d oppress them further by inventing the tampon, the birth control pill, the light-bulb, the internet, cell phones, and the washing machine. Men doing well and taking us across the ocean all the way up to the moon and back isn’t misogyny. It’s called progress. 

I read some guy for instance commenting on one such bitchy post a feminist bitching about how men’s movement should be controlled to ensure women don’t ‘feel scared’ at night white walking alone and this dude comes in with some anecdotal story and explains how these days he would cross the road to the other side if he saw a woman in front of him so that as to avoiding putting himself in a situation where he scared her. I responded to him and to quote exactly what I said, “So what’s the difference between you and somebody in jail?”

I mean, you can’t claim to be fighting for freedom while you’re advocating for the same freedom to be revoked from the other group of people. Furthermore, aren’t these the same people who argue that if a man feels uncomfortable because of a woman’s dressing then the problem is with him? Why the double standard? It’s even more absurd that somebody from that group of people would support you. Lord, there are way too many better ways of getting laid.

These male feminists who go around licking the heels of female feminists should just wake and smell the coffee. There is nothing in your life that feminism can solve – it doesn’t even solve anything in the lives of women other than creating the illusion that they are superior when need be at the same time making them feel like victims even when they’re clearly the villains.

Eritrea Polygamy Policy May Not be as Barbaric as It Sounds

If at all you’re among those criticizing Eritrea government’s two wives policy then you need to think more. Polygamy is no social accident or indoctrination. Polygamy happens because it has to happen………societies that have an excess of one gender usually develop one of the two forms of polygamy (Polyandry and polygyny) and in rare cases, group marriage where several wives and several husbands are involved.

Traditionally, the hunter and gatherer society in most cases ended up with an excess of the female gender. This arose from the tendency of men to take more dangerous roles starting with grazing the livestock when very young to hunting to fighting wars to performing heavy duties that affected the health. The result was many men died before they attained the marriageable age in comparison to women. To balance the marriage equation, polygamy happened.

In some societies like India, due to the fact that raising the girl child was too expensive in comparison to the boy child due to their traditional customs, there was a tendency of couples to prefer having boys. Thus when technology allowed determination of the gender of a foetus, there was a rise in selective abortion and many girls were aborted before they were born – a situation that led to fewer women than men. This is the main reason why polyandry was more prevalent in India than other countries.

In the modern society, polygamy is unnecessary since the gender ratio is almost 1. However in countries that have experienced some form of civil war in recent years, the gender ratio is tilted in favor of women since most of the people killed in wars are men. Eritrea is one such country. For a country that has so many women to put such a law, it is not as barbaric as people find it. The situation in that country probably called for it. Perhaps there are too many women who would love to get married but never found a husband. Perhaps the big number of single women is posing a danger to marriages in that country. I however think the government should have used a more democratic path like legalizing polygamy and encouraging people to embrace it rather than imposing it on the.

Creation of jobs is far more important that churning out graduates.

Mukhisa Kituyi nailed it. We tend to invest in education so much we forget jobs are actually more important that education. What is the point of having 1 million unemployed PhD holders? I would rather we have 1 million employed illiterates. All in all I wouldn’t want to trivialize the importance of education in an economy but what matters is the quality of education and availability of opportunities for the graduates rather than the total number of people with higher education qualifications.

Basic education should be available to everyone, but coming up with a university that may end up having high school leavers for lecturers every other time won’t help. Investing a disproportionate amount of resources in poor education institution is a waste of cash. Take Kenya for instance, with over ten universities offering medicine courses we still have to do crowd funding to raise money to take our cancer patients to India for treatment – that’s just absurd. How about we have a single institution that offers high quality medicine courses with well trained fine doctors and the rest of the money we invest in proper medical facilities then our cancer patients won’t have to spend lots of money flying to india for treatment? Creation of jobs is far more important that churning out graduates.